The Elements of Sustainable Safety Awareness

A common misconception is that you can sustain safety awareness and safety achievement without addressing all of the pieces of the safety pie. The fact is you can concentrate on a specific element or combination of elements and that will achieve short term goals; but to achieve suitable results you need to build a strong safety culture, and you can only do that by building a a firm foundation that utilizes all of the elements of safety awareness; this will allow you not only to achieve your goal in the short term, but to sustain it and build upon it. Remove any element and in the long run your success will be diminished over time.

Safety Awareness Incentive Programs stimulate action and motivate by reinforcing safety awareness.

Recognition Awareness Incentive Programs highlight the activities and behaviors that will ultimately prevent accidents and injuries. All of the other elements of a sustainable safety program are reinforced by a well structured Safety Incentive & Performance Program.

C.A. Short created that nations first Safety Awareness Incentive & Performance Programs with E.I DuPont over 40 years ago and have refined the programs to meet the changing needs of our clients. Our programs help thousands of companies nationwide provide a safer working environment for their employees, raising safety awareness, reducing accidents and save our clients millions of dollar each year. We would like to share with you what we have learned and then you can decide if it would be a good fit for you, your employees and your company. For more information call or email us at 858-695-9060;

Safety Performance Programs ● Raise Safety Awareness ● Reduce Costs ● Improve Productivity ● Driver Safety ● Manufacturing Safety ● Warehouse Safety ● Mining Safety ● Construction Safety
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